The Team

The Team

For over 35 years, the experienced sales representatives at PMI have been working hand in hand with manufacturers to get their products accepted in the marketplace, and to increase sales once they are established.

We do this through a very simple idea… Service doesn’t stop after the sale, for either our manufacturers or their customers.

This means maintaining a cordial, viable working relationship with wholesalers, plumbers and engineers, and building the customer base with calls on new customers, to introduce them to products that they might not be familiar with.

In addition, we maintain three offices with extensive warehousing space, for the convenience of our customers, and to facilitate sales.

At PMI, “service” is not just a buzzword. It’s what we do.

Corporate Team

  • Mike Manis – 29+ years experience in plumbing, mechanical and industrial sales
  • Robert Zvanut – 35+ years experience in plumbing, mechanical and industrial sales


Outside Sales Teams

Chuck Baumgarten – 31 years (Commercial Sales Manager – Texas)
George Phillips (Outside Sales – San Antonio)
Ryan Younker – 14+ years (Sales Manager North Texas – Dallas, East Texas, Oklahoma)
David Bugge – 4+ years (Water Heater Specialist – San Antonio)
Dan Carrillo – 17+ years (Contractor Sales Specialist – Houston & East Texas)
Andy Chantos – (Account Specialist – San Antonio area)
Dick Masceri – 33+ years (Industrial, PVF, Mechanical Accounts – Houston)
Mike Perkins – 33+ years (Accounts Specialist – Dallas, East Texas, Oklahoma)
Mike “Red” Phillips – 41+ years (Accounts Specialist – Houston)
Amy Schiller – (Accounts Specialist – Greater Houston area)
Todd Sickler – 21+ years (Sales Manager North Texas – Dallas, East Texas, Oklahoma)
David Walter – 10+ years (Contractor Sales Call Specialist – San Antonio, Austin area)
Buster Williams – 41+ years (Accounts Specialist – San Antonio area)
Mike Hickman –  (Showroom Specialist – San Antonio area)
Mark Wittenburg – 22+ years (Outside Sales Specialist – Rio Grande Valley)
Eric Muff – (Outside Sales Specialist)
Jeremy Fain – (Outside Sales Specialist)
Mark McClendon – 5+ years (Outside Sales Specialist)
Lisa Graham – (Outside Sales / Showrooms – Dallas)
Marsha Wilson – (Outside Sales / Showrooms – Houston)
Bradon Bucher – (Outside Sales – Dallas)
Patrick Wooten – (Outsie Sales – Dallas)

Inside Sales Teams

Houston Office

Kent Bray
Zorretta Lockhart
Alison Muniz
Cindy Thompson
Tricia Wallace

Dallas Office

Robert Day
Rudy Juarez
Mike Guevara
Marianne Gardenhire

San Antonio Office

Paul Barker
Leticia Contreras
Mark McAlexander



Charlotte Kuhlmann
Reva Pico


IT Department

Noah Johnson