Located on the sunny streets of Corona, California, Anaco is recognized as the premier manufacturers of stainless steel couplings and service weight gaskets in the United States. Our comprehensive facilities and innovative technologies have helped make us an economic and community leader. From environmental responsibility to employee training and community outreach, we do it all. By manufacturing all parts of the Anaco and Husky couplings in-house, total quality control can be accomplished and a superior product can be produced. That’s what sets us apart.

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Anaco-Husky Couplings

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Anaco-Husky Couplings
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Just a fun fact - engineering is just so cool!
Anaco-Husky Couplings
Anaco-Husky Couplings3 weeks ago
Meet the exceptional team from our Rubber Department (1st Shift) - they make gaskets for our couplings right here in the USA
Anaco-Husky Couplings
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Anaco-Husky Couplings
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Look at the cool artwork on this Distributor truck featuring our sister-company Tyler Pipe & Coupling .... Now that's Tyler Tough!